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Reputation, trust and expertise status can be built up by continuously sharing knowledge with your core customer. Growing and inspiring Awareness are the first steps in your conversion. In order to gain and maintain a relationship with your customers, it is important to not only build relationships with your customers, but also to maintain them. Online and offline where your customer is. You can use various forms for this, such as:

  • stay online (such as on LinkedIn)
  • blog posts
  • articles
  • white papers
  • interviews
  • photo reports

Creating content does not happen automatically, for this you set up a realistic schedule with corresponding time investment. Regularity, stimulating information brought in the right way.

Expert marketing articles are published for the following clients:

  • Glastuinbouw Zeeuws-Vlaanderen - Nergens voordeliger voor tuinders die duurzaam willen telen
    Promotional company for the sale of horticultural land issued by North Seaports
    16 online artikicles: archive
  • True Partner Capital - Global Asset Management
    Locations in Amsterdan, Chicago and Hong Kong
    Until 2016, all articles were bilingual: English and Chinese
    34 online publications, see

  • WarmCO2 - Koploper hoogwaardige restwarmte en rest CO2
    Energy company originated from North Seaports and the province of Zeeland in& the Netherlands
    5 online articles

  • Sloewarmte - Sustainable residual heat coupling in the Sloe area near Middelburg the Netherlands
    Projects of Evides industriewater

We offer expert publications as part of the Marketing en design subscription or sprint.

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