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What clients say about us

We like to work together for a long time on the success of the organization. We are happy to let the customer speak ...

Maarten van As, directeur

Director ACN - Air Cargo Netherlands
Manager communicatie Public Affairs van Zeeland Seaports

I’ve involved Sibren at Zeeland Seaports and now ACN (Air Cargo Netherlands) in tackling more complex marketing communications around our company’s website. He has used his experience in marketing and communication to put our team on the right track. He has the ability to present complex communication and technology issues in a bite-sized manner so that we can quickly set a new course responsibly and without unnecessary detours.

At Zeeland Seaports he was asked to think about how we could immediately start with the refreshment of the website, considering the proposed merger plans. He helped to illuminate the content (strategy), technology and pillars in such a way that we could draw up and start a good website plan with his advice.

At ACN, Sibren also helped us with the website and communication: both technical and content approach. Based on a marketing and content strategy, the team can now redesign and improve the website. All the loose pieces of the puzzle now fit together well and we know how to use the website in a guiding way to inspire and facilitate all stakeholders with our vision.

Jenny Crone, director WarmCO2, energy company high-quality residual heat and residual CO2


What I really appreciate about our collaboration is that Sibren is very good at listening to what I want as a customer. As a result, the outcome is a creation that I am completely happy with. Furthermore, Sibren gives a lot of advice about how it works within an organisation, so he supports me in how I can best act in the field of PR and marketing. I just enjoy working with Sibren because he is a nice pleasant person.

CEO and founder, serial entrepreneur

True Partner Capital, Saen Options


I would like to personally thank you for the very nice website. The design, styling and presentation are fantastic! Well done! To a nice collaboration!

Activities: Complete brand building, branding, brand promise, core values, websites and design over more than 6 companies / brands; Options Trading, Asset Management and Trading Software.

Customer from 2005 to present.

Raymond van Schaik, director van Schaik Accountants

Raymond van Schaik

For my new company, I was looking for someone who could create our corporate identity and website. I wanted a design that suits us, that reflects what we stand for: professional, honest and empathetic. Not only the house style, but also for the website we wanted to have a pleasant appearance that immediately appeals to our customer. This required an experienced professional who readily understands what our business is and who has a high level of empathy.

Sibren has designed a striking logo, corporate identity and website with which we like to present ourselves to the customer. Sibren also linked us with a customer within his network.

I think the best thing is that he has found a good balance between the human factor and the business-like in the design. And that is exactly how we and our customers experience the mutual relationship. You can recognise it in the logo.

The collaboration with Sibren went smoothly and naturally. In both the design phase and the development phase of the printed matter and technical website part, all promises were delivered on time and well taken care of within budget.

I can certainly recommend working with Sibren because he has a wide range of interests, can listen well and ask questions, which brings him close to the core. He makes designs that make you happy. And meanwhile, the technical realisation and planning are in order. The most important thing I think is that he is a pleasant person to work with.

Gerda Nobel, SBMO Consultants


We have been working with Sibren for many years to our full satisfaction. He is creative but also practical and knows how to translate our wishes well. Good quality for a reasonable price. We highly recommend Sibren.

Thorsten Gragert, head R&D 

Developer at Atom Pro
Head R&D at True Partner Capital


Sibren worked on our websites as well as some printed material. He was able to add new flavor to the brand. His work shows that Sibren was able to integrate the message that we wish to communicate in his designs. Sibren is a partner in the creative process and helps to turn ideas into practical designs. His personal and dedicated approach is highly appreciated.

Peter Simoons, Simoons & Company

Peter Simoons

When I first met Sibren on a network event I got acquainted to a very nice, soft spoken, guy. We had a great conversation about his work and I felt that Sibren is a person who has high quality in mind and knows his business very well. I was impressed by the smart way Sibren organizes his network of partners, combining the strengths and flexibility of working by himself with the possibilities of a large organization.

At the first assignment Sibren did for me we only exchanged my ideas and desires over the phone which Sibren transformed into a design that precisely met my requirements. The timeline in which I needed to get the job done was short but nevertheless Sibren delivered on time, with high quality while managing the relationship and all communication with the printing company.

Highly recommended!

Janine Scheper, jhs teksten

Sibren is very strong in visualising what distinguishes a company in the market. Even if a client is not yet fully aware of his own strengths and added value. With a lot of patience and a good brainstorming method, he guides clients in making choices and setting priorities.

Sibren involved me as a copywriter in several clients’ positioning projects and I found that very inspiring. He is creative, thinks cross-media and puts together the ideal team for every project. I like to see my texts wrapped in his creative designs!

In Vorm

Working together with Sibren comes naturally. He has sound ideas and can substantiate every step he takes. This does not alter the fact that he is always open to a different view of the situation. That’s why he doesn’t rule out anything. Hard worker, pleasant person, good sparring partner, driven, strong communicator, love for the profession, loyal, always looking for the best form and the best approach for the assignment.
Edith Hartgring (van Beek), Owner, in vorm • graphic and multimedia design

Manager Services Velthuisen

Enthusiastic, driven, long-term vision, someone with an ‘open mind’ and positively critical. Those are just a few concepts that first come to mind when I think of Sibren. He would like to see the whole picture in order to test his own vision against that of his conversation partner/client. In addition, he is a creative and unconventional thinker, who likes to gain new impressions and is open to making new contacts and connections. Sibren likes to build, preferably together with others, whether it concerns projects, his own company or a communication campaign. I can certainly recommend him for projects.
Marco van Velthuisen , Lean Manager, Manager Services van Velthuisen