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Good sustainable cooperation starts with the core values

Core values ​​play a central role in everything we do. In the team and also in collaboration with you as a customer.
That is why we work and inspire the best with organizations that have corresponding core values.

The values ​​are:

Steer on facts and act from your heart

  • act fairly towards yourself and the other
  • stick to the facts
  • cherish vulnerability without judgment

Use creativity to surprise

  • give space to creativity and bring it to a tangible result
  • let a concept arise and grow from conviction and guts
  • take responsibility for who you are and what you do

Awaken curiosity

  • encourage learning
  • with yourself and the other
  • to discover the next step

Work on depth 

  • in the collaboration
  • in product / service you are working on
  • so that your solution will last

Take yourself and the customer into action

  • start quickly
  • agile and iterative work; in continuous connection with your environment
  • deliver perfectly according to requirements

For colleagues in the Virtual Team:

  • Working together means taking responsibility
  • A project is a joint commitment
  • Focus on what you do and what it contributes to the project